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Date: 21st May 2016
Air Separation Equipment
Product DetailBasic InfoUsage:NitrogenPurpose:Gas PurificationParts:Air Purification ComponentsApplication Fields:ChemicalNoise Level:LowMachine Size:LargeCondition:NewProduct Description PSA nitrogen generatorPrinciple:Nitrogen generator based on clean compressed air,Website:http://www.ydget.com, carbon molecular sieves is absorbent, take PSA(pressure swing adsorption) principle make Nitrogen under the normal temperature. According to Oxygen, Nitrogen they are different in absorbent face and diffusivity, through PLC control the valve, realizing compression absorbing, reduce pressure desorption this course, reach Oxygen, Nitrogen separation, get the standard nitrogen.Characteristics:1. It operates quickly, qualified Hydrogen can be made immediately2. The machine can fully automatic operate, without workers during the whole course3. High efficiency molecular sieves filling, more compress, more solid, more lifelong.4. Pressure, purity, capacity can be made, to meet different customers needs.5. Perfect structure, advanced procedure, stable&safety, little investment, lower consumptionTechnical parameter:1) Purity: 95~99.9999%2) Capacity: 5~8000Nm3/h3) Pressure out: 0.1~0.8Mpa (1.0~15.0MPa is also?available)4) Dew point: <-45~70 degree
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